Yesterday (Tuesday 28th February 2023), we decided to start using Social Media to our advantage and with the help of a select few Facebook groups, we are a little further in finding the true facts.

Dennis Eric Osmond Richardson was on a passenger ship in 1955 and in 1956 he arrived back home, according to the National Archives etc, he died in 1956, in 1956 my Father’s: Bob Richardson would had been 12 years old, that was the last time he saw his Dad.

To think my Dad has had to live with this his entire life is devistating and even I feel so helpless not knowing the truth, let alone my Father, who without having his own Dad is my best friend and I could never ever had asked for a better Father – Thanks Dad.

In a newspaper article from Australia, there is an advert for Dennis Eris Osmond Richardson to contact an address in London.

We do not have a death certificate, nor do we yet know where he is burried, we have contacted Southampton City Council in the hope they can shed some light.

As a family we wanted to thank all those of you who have helped us so far, we have not mentioned names or Facebook groups as we have yet to obtain permission to do so. – You know who you are anyway. To those that have helped us, we would like to offer our services directly, so if we can help you in anyway and return the favour, please head on over to Cornish Connect Photo and Design: Here