Hello, my name is Lawrie, I am the Son of Robert Dennis Richardson who has been searching for information regarding his fathers dissappearace when he was just 12 years old, My Father is now nearly 80 and its very unlikely his Father is still alive, but as a family it would be wonderful to find out where my Grandad is buried and if there is any other family members from his side that we have yet to meet, as time goes on our hopes are fading, hopefully someone somewhere has got some information that can be shared with us all.

Grandads name is Dennis Eric Osmond Richardson, with links to Southampton in Hampshire, England, The Royal Navy, The experimental design of British Midget submarines – the X-Craft, Freemantle in Australia and likely the atomic bomb testing in Bikini Atoll / Marshall Islands.

Please if you have any information or possible leads to anything, please contact me with great urgency.

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